1983 Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis # 44799    European Model

Rosso Corsa with Nero int. and rosso carpet

Production date :

Factory options include European deep chin spoiler

10/87         Imported from Germany

06/88         Offered for sale by Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo with 11900 miles for $43,500.00

11/88        Sold to Bob Johnson of Medford Oregon by Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo for $41,000.00

11/01         Sold to Erin Pierce of Hammond La. by Fortune Motors Inc. w/ Mike McCoy.  30k service and new exhaust performed by Fortune Motors Inc, A/C conversion and misc. service performed by Lindsey Automotive Inc.

08/03             Currently for sale by Fortune Motors Inc. 504-780-9984 listed in FML    

08/05            Damaged by Hurricane Katrina, insurance loss.