1983  Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis # ZFFMA13A1D0045559  Model : Left Hand Drive North American

Blue Chiaro with Blue and Nero

 Production date :  April 1983

Engine #

00/83            Owned by John Maccarone traveled 21,800 miles

00/91            registered in Ca. by Vincent P Paoli and has clocked up to 44,200 miles

00/02            registered in Ca by Alex Piazza , traveled up to 53,800 miles

00/03            registered in Ca. by Mark Bergstad and traveled up to 54,600 miles

00/05            registered in Ca. by Stefano Aldighieri and traveled up to 59,600 miles

00/06            registered in Ca. by Jason Smith and traveled up to 65,700 miles

00/08            Purchased by current owner Chris Bloor of Maryland with 68,900 miles