1983 Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis # 46799 US Model

Verde Pino (Pine Green) with Chocolate

Production date :

Factory options include Deep European chin spoiler, and tan piping on seats

10/94               Purchase buy second owner Ed Christophersen of KS. Prior odometer change.

06/97               Offered for sale by Current owner Ed Christophersen of KS. with 45,500 miles; major service completed at 44437 miles. A PRIOR ODOMETER CHANGE IS RECORDED WITH FIRST UNIT SHOWING 18365 MILES AND PRESENT UNIT SHOWING 27700 MILES. Major service Included clutch, brakes, wheel bearings, suspension bushings, cam belts, CV joints, fuel filter, hoses, A/C, full fluid change, new battery and tires.

08/03                 Currently for sale in Ca. by owner with 34780 miles. Euro chin spoiler was removed and US style spoiler was installed by Lyle Tanner Ent.

03/05            Purchased from Lyle Tanner by Michael Saiz of Reno Nevada.