1983  Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis # 48223 US  Model

Rosso Corsa  with Beige

Production date : October 1982

02/84            Sold new to Richard Gray of St. Louis, MO by Brentwood Volvo-Ferrari of St. Louis. with 96 miles on car.

07/85            Stephan J. Gallivan of St. Louis purchased 48223 with 2500 miles on car. Stephan is the owner of "Sporting News Magazine".

07/87            Purchase by Chicago Celebrity Alan R. Cooke with 4010 miles. Cooke was once pictured on the same famous mural on a Chicago skyscraper with basketballs famous Dennis Rodman.

02/95            Purchased by 4th owner. Popular game room owner Lauran Bromley of Northbrook Il. She in turn traded the car into The Porche Audi Exchange nest to Lake Forest Sports Cars in Nov. 1995.

11/95            Purchased by Tom R. Tengerdy of Orono, MN. from The Porsche Audi Exchange with 25227 miles and paid $29,750 for it.

Information provided by Tom Tengerdy

I'm one of the previous owners of 48223. I just happened to run across your website and my name attached to 48223 in google. I have some history on the car which is not listed on the site.

While I owned the car I was hit on the driver's side behind the door. The driver who hit me was drunk as I was heading to a car show at 8:00am one Saturday morning. The vehicle he was driving was a large brick truck. He didn't see me as he made a lane change. State Farm insurance paid out $14,784 to repair the car. I still have a copy of the check. I also still have the fender that was cut out and replaced with a new one that came from the factory. The old crumpled fender hangs in my garage today ~ it's quite the conversation piece.

The car was never the same ~ the body parts just didn't fit right after that. So, I traded the car in for a Mondial QV Coupe through a dealer that new the car was wrecked. They saw the car wrecked and even helped me find the body shop that eventually did the repair. I'm certain that the purchaser they sold it to knew it was damaged. However, years later I learned that the car was sold to a fellow in Wisconsin, and that he was very upset after discovering the car had been damaged. I was told this by the dealer I traded it to ~ I ran into him down at the Cavalino on the lawn at the Breakers, Palm Beach. 

When I first was introduced to the car in Chicago it was at a body shop getting repaired. The previous owner, Lauran Bromley of Northbrook Il, had a car lift in her garage. The story I was told was that she accidentally lifted the car too high and it squished into the ceiling of the garage. The windshield was smashed, as well as the top was mushed down. The rest of the car was perfect. I bought the car nicely repaired for a super discount.

Anyway, a bit of history on that car which I don't know is worth mentioning because it could bum some people out. But hey, it's the soul of 48223.


09/98            Purchased by 6th owner Dr. Henry L. Reichert Jr. of Bismarck, ND. from Sport Auto Ltd. of Spring Park MN. the mileage was 29664

08/00            Purchased by 7th owner Brandon Blexrude of Eau Claire, WI. for $32,000.00 with 32641 miles. Mr. Blexrude had the car repainted with its original Rosso Corsa paint and spent over $14,000.00 bringing the car up to top condition. Mr. Blexrude is an active member of the Ferrari Club of America and also owns a 1967 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 sn 9809.

06/02            Purchased by 8th owner Mr. Christopher H. Leone of Oakbrook, Il. from Sport Auto Ltd. with 36000 miles and paid $35,000.00.

05/05            Purchased by 9th owner Mr. Colin Appleton of Florida with 48000 miles

09/06            Purchased by 10th owner Mr. Jarrod Boggs of South Carolina