1983 Ferrari 308 GTS QV (Titled as 1984)

Chassis # 48345  European Model

Rosso Corsa with Tan

Production date : Oct. 1984

10/83            An order for a European spec 308 GTS QV  Through      Avia Auto of Forest Hill, Maryland. 48345 with 1400 kilometers was purchased from Alfa Auto Wessels  in Recklinghause, Germany and registered to Alfa Auto wessels on 11/21/83 ,   purchase price of $51,500.00 included all EPA/DOT certification to US Standard

7/84                The car was brought to the US via Avia Auto and shipped to Prancing Horse Farm in Forest Hill, Maryland where a complete EPA/DOT federalization process was accomplished to bring the Ferrari up to U.S. specifications. After much wait, the owner  finally took possession of 48345 on April 13, 1984 roughly 8 months after the car was ordered. 48345 was titled for the first time in Maryland as a 1984 Model, the previous owner owned 48345 from 1984 to 1999

4/99                48345 was purchase by its' second owner through Ferrari of Washington and delivered to Richmond, Virginia.

10/01             48345 was purchased by Greg Owens of Lynchburg, Virginia and now currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida.