1984  Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis #  49721  Model : Left hand Drive North American

Oro Chiaro with Tan

 Production date : Jan 1984

Engine #

01/10            Current owner Paul G.A. Garossino of Tx. 

Comments by current owner

Metallic Paint Deep Chin Spoiler All Leather Dash Brown Piping on Seats 16" Alloy Wheels

-Purchased from Shelton Ferrari, Ft. Lauderdale Florida by Lillian Dinallo of Boca Raton Florida on April 20, 1984. - 1200 mi service, Oct 31, 1984 by Shelton Ferrari - 7500 mi service, Feb 11, 1988 by Shelton Ferrari - 12,000 mi safety inspection, June 1, 1991, West Palm Beach, Fl - 13,000 mi safety inspection, Sept 8, 1992, West Palm Beach, Fl - 15,000 mi safety inspection, June 22, 1993, West Palm Beach, Fl - 17,434 mi Trade in [assumed] to Autohaus Pompano Mercedes-Benz,Pompano Beach Fl December, 2003 - 17,434 mi Sold to Shelton Sports Cars, Ft. Lauderdale Fl, December 23, 2003 - 17434 mi Major service by Shelton, Jan 4, 2004 also replaced A/C belt, alternator belt, vacuum and recharge A/C system, flush cooling system and replace expansion tank cap, repair and dye interior - 17434 mi sold to David Pratt {?} Birmingham Alabama - 18675 mi serviced at The Auto Shop, Inc Birmingham Alabama, flush brake system, oil/fluid change, tighten valve cover gasket, noted head gaskets oozing, replaced plate under A/C control knobs, replaced both headlights, clean all grounds for headlight circuit, replace horn pump motor, remove alarm system, R&R steering rack, noted cooling system hoses starting to crack. - 19,000 mi sold to Motor Car Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale Fl, Nov 12, 2008 - 19076-19103 mi serviced at Tim Stanford Foreign Cars, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, Mar 23, 2009 cold engine compression test, replaced coil wire, ignitions wires, plug ends, distributor rotors, fan relay, spark plugs, evacuate and charge A/C, remove and replace steering rack - 19103 mi shown at Festa Bella Macchina Concorso D'Eleganza in Ft. Lauderdale - 19198-19212 mi pre-purchase inspection by Tim Standford, Nov 12, 2009, noted slight oil leak at 5-8 cam seal, fluid seep from LR transmission seal, lower rear rocker panel damage both sides, damaged belly pan [ran over something], RR shock making noise, replaced rear brake pads, did warm engine compression test. - 19218 mi purchased by current owner, Nov 16, 2009, installed new tires at the Tire Hut in Ft. Lauderdale for the drive to Houston. - 19625 mi oil/filter change at Cavallino Automobili, Ocala Fl, checked transaxle fluid level [good], checked air filter [good], checked fluid leak at 5-8 cam seal, just a seep but will need to be replaced at upcoming major [5 years since last one], added B6 fuel system conditioner. - 21679 mi current mileage.

I have the original Owner's manual, all tool kits and the original Monroney sticker from when the car was sold to it's first owner. And of course I have the documentation to substantiate the history. So, a three owner car and I am the third owner.