1984 Ferrari 308 GTB QV

Chassis # 50933   US Model

Rosso Corsa with Nero Daytona

Production date :

Engine # 00260

06/85            Offered for sale by Shelton Ferrari of Ft, Lauderdale Fl. for $46,500.00 with 12000 miles

03/86            Purchased by Clarence Romero Jr. of  La. with 17,834 miles  (FML)

05/97            Offered for sale by Clarence Romero Jr. with 118,000 miles for $37,000.00

                    Featured in Road and Track March 1997 page 107

06/97            Sold to Ted Rutlands of Tucker Ga. for $25,000.00

09/97            Offered for sale by T. Rutlands with 123,678 miles  with new major service, new paint, and windshield for $32,500.00

01/98             Purchased by Don Meyer of Atlanta Ga. from T. Rutlands

02/08            Purchased by current owner Seth Dillon of Ga.  with 144500 miles 


courtesy of FML