1985 Ferrari 308 GTS           

Chassis # 53699  Left Hand Drive North Amerian

Rosso Corsa with Beige (VM3218) with Brusciato carpet

Production date : Sept. 1984

Engine #   F105A040 00663

Gearbox #   F108AL 3823

04/03        Offered for sale on Ebay by current owner (Gary) out of Phoenix AZ. with 63000 miles and a fresh service by Cavallino Classics in Scottsdale original window stick is included as well as all books and tools. Original sale price was $60,370.00 and purchase by current owner in 1997

11/16         Current owner Beau LeBlanc , 

                Comments by current owner (Originally purchased from Continental Motors in Chicagoland in 1985, it was traded in to Lake Forest Sports Cars in 1986 for a 328. I have been in touch with the original owner. He still has that 328. Between 1986 and 1992, there is no known history. VIN history shows the next Title event in 1992 in Scottsdale, AZ at 25,900 miles. There may be as many as 3 owners (private or dealer) from 1992 until 1998, all in Arizona. There is another entry on here regarding ownership by "Gary" in Scottsdale, AZ from 1998-2003. The car was reportedly serviced at Cavallino Classics throughout that period. That is verified by VIN history and the subsequent owner, who I have been in touch with. That subsequent owner had the car in Lebanon, OH from 2003-2007. It was then sold back to Prescott, AZ in 2007 where I bought it in 2015 and brought it to Los Angeles, CA with 66,700 miles on the odometer. I immediately took it to Fast Cars in Redondo Beach for servicing. The car now sees weekend duty tearing up the canyons of Los Angeles and Malibu. )