1985  Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis #  ZFFLA13B000054403  Model : Left Hand Drive European

Rosso Corsa with Crema

 Production date : Nov. 1984

Assembly # 896

Engine # F105A 

Gear Box# 02383

11/84            Completed at Factory

12/84            Delivered new to Al-Ajda Automotive of Saudi-Arabia

4/25/86         imported into the US by Charles Chi Sun, Silversprings Maryland. 

8/21/87         Sold to Motorwerks Sales / leasing dealership, Centerville Ohio, Odo. Reading 2750 miles.

10/87           sold to Martin Okun, Washington DC Odo. Reading 2824 miles.

From current owner: Kim Holdbrook

regarding Martin Okun ownership:   I 'm quoting Martin's email to me.. " soon after I bought the car there was a major motor problem. By referral it went to Tim Holt/Holt Motorsports in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, he employed three Ferrari factory trained mechanics, they rebuild the engine top to bottom and it was better than new. Tim currently has a business called Holt Motorsports in West Chester Pennsylvania. ($22,000) Absolutely loved that QV. Own a Testarossa now." 
I called Holt Motorsport and spoke with Tim regarding my QV, he actually called me twice more with more info on #54403.
Martin Okun owned this QV until 8/6/91.

8/6/91        Sold it to Joanne and Jerry Feder, Crossville Tennessee. Odo.22,315mi. Purchase price $49,045.25

5/29/11       Sold to Walter and Jan McNichols, Saint Augustine Florida. 

2/7/12         McNichols Family traded it in to Daytona dodge/Chrysler Daytona Beach Florida, and they transferred it to their sister dealership, Deland Nissan, Deland Florida

4/27/12     Sold to current owner Kim Holdbrook of Montana. Odo. 40,325 mi.