1985 Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis # 54441 A (Left hand drive US)

Argento Nurburgring Silver with Rosso

Production date : December 1984

04/04            Current owner Jim Brown of Maryland. with 67,000 miles


" Car was delivered new from American Service Center to a gentleman in northern Virginia. He only kept the car a short while putting about 4000 miles on it. From there it was sold to a doctor living in Potomac, MD who drove the car to almost 47,000 miles. Another doctor in Pittsburgh bought the car and did and extensive amount of work to it in repairs and maintenance. He drove the car to about 58,000 miles. A chiropractor from South Carolina then bought the car at auction putting another 7000 miles on it before selling to to me with just under 65,000 miles. I now have almost 67,000 miles on it and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Incidentally, I worked at American Service Center back in 1985 as a car detailer and remember driving this particular car. Why so memorable? This is the very first Ferrari I ever drove. Coincidence or fate/ I can't decide. But, I consider myself very fortunate to be the custodian of this rolling piece of artwork !!