1985  Ferrari 308 GTS

Chassis # 54609   Model Left Hand Drive European    

Nero Mettalizito with Tan 

Production date :


00/85            Sold new by Auto Becker Germany

00/87            Imported to US and converted by Dick Fritz of Americspec

08/96            Sold to buyer in Cincinnati Oh.

07/99            Sold to buyer in Dayton Oh. with 32,847 miles Title # 2900374570

08/99            Title issued to new owner in Dayton Oh with 32,829 miles Title # 5701649453 recored as lease vehicle

11/01            New title issued with miles 24,710 in Dayton Oh. Title # 5702254611

11/02            Sold to new owner in Weaverville, NC

10/03            Car involved in collision (roll over) DMV Case # 101022016

  (emailed to me on 7/17/2013 by previous owner Stephen Thompson clarifying accident history, 


Was just visiting your site, hoping to find a picture of the 308 I used to own. I did!! Itís the GTS #54609. I was the owner in Weaverville, NC. I see that it says it was involved in a rollover in October 03. That is a major misstatement. I realize that is apparently what is on the DMV report, but I can speak to the reality of the incident, since I was driving! I hit a guardrail. It dented the front and rear right fenders. Thatís it! Had it repaired and it looked better than new! Anyway, I donít know if thatís useful info for your site, or not, but I would hate to think people would believe that car was involved in a rollover when it was not. It was a wonderful car and I miss her!

Stephen Thompson)

09/06            Offered for sale on Ebay by Sky Land Automotive with 39,735 miles