1985  Ferrari 308 GTB

Chassis #  ZFFLA13S000057335   Model : Left Hand Drive Switzerland and/or Sweden

Rosso Corsa with Crema

 Production date : 

Engine # April 1985

05/85            Sold new in Switzerland to Mr. Alfons Hofstetter of Uerikon

The car was used regularly between 1985 and 1990 in Switzerland when the service book recorded the 20k completed in April 1990 at 19,944 kms. The history is then a bit vague, although service stamps indicate regular servicing. The next 20000kms service was done in May 1998 during this period the car was apparently in France in a museum/collection. In June 2002 the 40000kms service was done ad the car imported to the UK and reregistered on 1 December 2002. Since then the car has been used sparingly , adding another 17000kms and regularly serviced at independent Ferrari specialist.

09/09            Purchased by current owner Peter Wright of the UK