1985  Ferrari 308 GTB

Chassis #  58723  Model : Left Hand Drive European

Rosso Corsa with Crema

 Production date : July 1985

Engine #

07/85            Sold new by Ferrari Hesketh to Mr. H near Darmstadt, Germany. and maintained by Hesketh until 1998

00/02            Owner Mr. H. passed away and the car was inherited by his son, but hardly drove it. Hesketh lost its dealership franchise in 2006 but retired technical chief and shareholder Mr. K. kept all tools and in 2010 took the dust of the car, after son H. decided to sell the car and prepared it for the road.

10/10            Purchased by current owner Martin Meijers (Dutch) living near Milan Italy, with 48000 kilometers and is stated as new condition.