308 QV V ehicle I dentification N umber decoded


First digit -         Z =        This digit identifies the country of origin. Italy was assigned the letter Z

Second digit         F =        This digit identifies the marque (MARK) F for Ferrari, If Ferrari would have continued with the Dino nomenclature this digit would have been a D for Dino.

Third digit          F =        This digit identifies the manufacturer. F is for Ferrari.

Fourth digit         L/R/U/M =  This identifies the engine type.  L = European 308 / R = Australian 308 / U = USA 308 1984-85 only / M = USA 308 1983 only

Fifth digit             A =        This digit represents the restraint system. A = 3 point inertia belts with auto retractors for front seats only (two passenger car)

Sixth & Seventh 12/13 =  These numbers represent the body type or model, 12 for 308 GTB / 13 for 308 GTS.

Eighth digit           A/B/C/D/J/R/S/T/X =  This digit identifies the market for which the car was built for.                    A = Left hand drive North America / B = Left hand drive European / C = Right had drive UK / D = Right hand drive Australia / J = Left hand drive Japan / R = Left hand drive Russia / S = Left hand drive Switzerland and/or Sweden / T = Middle East / X = One-off, prototype & competizione.

Ninth digit           1-9 or X or A =  USA check digit, this digit is calculated by adding the numerical value of each other position and then divided SEE FORMULA . The numerical remainder becomes the ninth digit unless the remainder is 10 and then the letter "X" is used. If not a USA car the ninth digit will always be a "0" except for Japan where it will sometimes be an "A" .

Tenth digit           D/E/F =  This digit identifies the year and is only used for the USA and Middle Eastern market, all others will always be a "0" zero.  "D" is for 1983 , "E" is for 1984 , "F" is for 1985 .

Eleventh digit       0 =   This digit identifies the assembly plant, since Ferrari only has one plant to produce cars which is in Maranello this digit will always be a "0" zero.

Twelfth thru Seventeenth digits     =  These digits are the sequential production numbers assigned to its specific chassis and there are six positions, the 308 QV series started with chassis number 041701 and ended with number 059265


Thank you and I hope this helps with any confusion